Professional Services
The Delta Collaborative is an innovative consulting and coaching firm built on the health care expertise of its founder, Dr. Pamela Shaheen. Collectively, our team members have more than 75 years of experience working in the health care industry and with senior level health care professionals. All team members are proficient in coaching, have excellent interviewing and listening skills, and have experience in program development, implementation, and evaluation. Perhaps most important, all Delta Collaborative professionals are skilled in effectively communicating with diverse audiences. Our organization focuses on the following areas of expertise:

»  Managing Change Effectively
»  Building Professional Alliances
»  Improving Communication Skills
»  Enhancing Leadership Traits
»  Conducting Profile Assessment
»  Managing Professional Relationships
»  Enhancing Team Building Skills

»  Engaging Stakeholders
»  Policy Development
»  Program Design
»  Strategic Planning
»  Scenario Development
»  Resource Alignment
»  Health Care Research and Investigation
»  Gap Analysis
»  Identifying Best Practices
»  Change Management
»  Program Implementation
»  Data Analysis
»  Administrative Coaching
»  Marketing
»  Evaluation
»  Program Assessment
»  Group Facilitation

            We help health care leaders and institutions find the solutions they need to improve performance in today’s changing health care environment. We make it easier for you to focus on:

  • key questions you need to address in order to respond to ongoing changes
  • dealing with policy challenges and government requirements
  • identifying and implementing new programs that will increase your effectiveness

           We offer a full range of objective, individual and group assessments, strategic planning, and program development services.

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            Working with individuals or groups, we will help you set realistic goals and concentrate on the priorities that will make you more effective in today’s changing and extremely             competitive environment.   We will help you:

  • avoid burnout
  • improve your work-life balance
  • reinforce your career fulfillment efforts

          We can help you develop your leadership skills and transform your organization into a more effective business operation regardless of the challenges you face.

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