How Our Coaching Approach Helps You Engage Your Workers

Our uniquely qualified health care coaches will engage you in a positive, collaborative process that will help magnify your leadership skills. They will work with you to identify the issues that may be holding you back from your full leadership potential. Specially trained, independent health care professionals will help you focus on the issues that may be interfering with your effectiveness as a leader. Creating a “safe” space for an integrative approach to work and life, our leader coaching process involves:

  1. Assessment – Using a series of client-tailored interviews and selected assessment tools, we develop an overall picture of the current conditions and desired outcomes for your organization.
  2. Feedback – After compiling the results of our interviews and assessments, we prepare a summary of the results and present them to you. Together, we examine strengths, obstacles, breakthrough opportunities and recommendations for change.
  3. Coaching – Working together, we develop a plan for the future. We consider values, set goals and determine the course of action to be taken. Sessions are conducted on a mutually-determined basis. These private sessions are held at a convenient location on a regular schedule in person or by telephone.
  4. Duration – The exact length of the coaching agreement is up to you with most lasting approximately six months. At the end of the coaching relationship, we will develop a plan for future outcomes and maintenance.

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