Throughout her career, Dr. Shaheen has developed many noteworthy professional relationships. Listed below are a few examples of what her colleagues have to say about her character, skills and accomplishments.

Dr. Shaheen's in-depth knowledge of health policy and the role that both government and the private sector must play in building a better health system make her and Delta Cooperative an essential advisor to leaders in every setting.

Gail Warden
President Emeritus
Henry Ford Health System
Professor of Health Management and Policy
University of Michigan School of Public Health 

Dr. Shaheen combines her expertise, experience, and compassion in helping clients to creatively address health and life concerns. She is passionate about health coaching as a powerful means for self-empowerment and healing. She is a dynamic team player and is effective in both group settings and one-on-one.

Howard K. Bell, M.Div.
Former Executive Director
Pathways, a Health Crisis Resource Center

Dr. Shaheen has a way of getting to the heart of the issue and helping her clients develop a laser focus on the underlying problem so that they can not only identify a solution, but also find effective ways to quickly implement that solution.

Claudia Dengler
Business Consultant
Former Vice President of Programs
Amherst H. Wilder Foundation

Dr. Shaheen brings experience and competence that is immediately reassuring to a stressed health executive.  She brings a strategic capability that can assist her clients in navigating the difficult waters of recession and cutbacks as well as taking advantage of the opportunities presented by this crisis environment.

Catherine M. Dunham, Ed.D.

The Access Project

Dr. Shaheen's background in the policy arena has given her remarkable insights into the interaction between personality and process issues and the experience to map a path to a desired end.

Dennis M. Paradis, MPH
Executive Director
Michigan Osteopathic Association

Dr. Shaheen has the right mix of skills and experiences to help state agencies get the job done. Facilitators with content expertise are very effective and, in corrections, that is what we needed and she came through in a big way. With the entire nation focused on the travesty of our health care system, with costs going up, up, and up, with so many offenders in need of behavioral, physical, and mental health care, the opportunities that The Delta Cooperative offers are especially needed.

Dennis Schrantz
Deputy Director of Planning and Community Development
Michigan Department of Corrections

Dr. Shaheen has years of experience working in the public and the foundation sectors to improve the health finance and delivery system. She fully understands the interface between the public and the private sectors and appreciates the complexities involved in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the system. She has unique skills in helping diverse interests achieve common ground and in distilling apparently conflicting trends into a coherent understanding of how these trends fit together from a systems perspective.

Kevin Seitz
Executive Vice President
Health Care Value Enhancement
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan

Dr. Shaheen has the skill, experience, and insight to assist leaders in meeting the complex challenges so frequently encountered in today's corporate world. Policy, programs, personnel, and interpersonal communications are all within her sphere.

Kim E. Sibilsky
Executive Director
Michigan Primary Care Association

I can say that Dr. Shaheen has had a long career in health care and is committed and knowledgeable about the critical issues of access to care and community development.

Marianne Udow-Phillips
Center for Health Care Research and Transformation